UL MOBIAK Sprinklers

UL Listed Branded Sprinklers

Our team of Engineers, Support Specialists, skilled Technicians & Designers are proud to announce our Brand New UL Listed Water Sprinklers

UL Certificate and relevant Certificate of Compliance are attached below for your better evaluation

This Action/Investment reinforces the wide Range of MOBIAK Branded Products and Provide you the ability to Differentiate your Company among Local Competition (as there are few Companies worldwide have Branded UL Sprinklers)

• The Categories covered are: Pendent, Upright, Horizontal Sidewall & Concealed

• All above listed Types come in Standard or Quick Response at Activation Temperatures of 57◦C, 68◦C, 79◦C or 93◦C

• Note: by the end of September 2019, we will be awarded the FM Approval, as well, for all below Listed Sprinkler Types.



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